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You can't buy happiness, but you can buy a bike, and that's pretty close...



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Horny Toad Hustle Sept 2011
September 2011

 At Outdoor Adventures, we don't just talk the talk, we walk the walk!  Most days we commute on our bikes, ride almost daily for fun and exercise, and heck, three of us don't even own cars!  Bicycling isn't a pastime or just recreation for us, it's our lifestyle.  We love to ride 'em, fix 'em, see new technology, and try new stuff ourselves.  Sure, lots of people aren't as nuts about bikes as we are, but whether you want to ride around the block or across the country, we basically share the same interests with you at any level.

Pablo Lopez is arguably the most well known cyclist in Las Cruces.  He has been with Outdoor Adventures for over 15 years, most of that time as the Store Manager.  An expert bike fitter, he has resolved comfort issues for literally hundreds of local cyclists.  His standards of customer service are legendary and unequaled in Las Cruces.  Pretty much everyone in town knows Pablo...  If you don't, you need to come by and get acquainted.


Estus Lott is guy who just loves everything about bikes.  He has been with us since 2006, and is a 2007 graduate of NMSU.  An expert mechanic, his naturally inquisitive nature about bicycle technology, plus his self-motivated technical education has made him the go-to guy in our shop for tougher issues like suspension fork overhauls, hydraulic brake problems/repairs, and perfect wheel builds.  Estus enjoys riding endurance events such as 12- and 24-hour races, or competing in the single-speed category at more conventional races.
Scott Powers joined our team in the spring of 2014.  Like the rest of us, cycling for transportation was already his lifestyle. If it has two wheels Scott can ride it. He is absolutely passionate about absorbing everthing he can learn about bikes and bicycling. 
Rob Gilroy has been on a bike since he was a baby. He has worked in the bike industry for seven years and although this is his first official mechanic position, Rob had been wrenching on bicycles years before he got into the business.
Kevin Boyko is the most recent addition to the team. A natural born rock climber with a decade of experience under his belt made the transition to cycling after touring South America by bike in 2015 for three months. Kevin's knowledge of climbing gear is immense and he is quickly picking up the bicycle trade.

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