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You can't buy happiness, but you can buy a bike, and that's pretty close...


NMSU Students

NMSU Students receive at least a 10% discount on ALL

bicycle parts & accessories at Outdoor Adventures.

Just bring in your student ID!


Bike Commuting Saves

Riding a bike to class is faster, healthier, and cheaper than driving!

Cars need gas, maintenance, and parking spots; plus you still need to walk from your car to the building, whereas your bike can take you within 30 seconds walking distance of your classroom.

Benefits of riding your bike to school:

  • Great Exercise for Body and Mind: Fresh air, use your muscles, de-stress
  • Less Time: No more sitting in traffic, at the pump, or driving around the lot looking for a parking spot; biking saves you time!
  • Lose Weight: You burn 500 calories/hour on a bike
  • Save $$: Gas and Car maintenance are pricey!
  • Explore Campus: NMSU is a bike-friendly campus
  • Meet Someone: You're much more likely to make a friend or get a first day while riding your bike than locked up in a car... Get friendly!

Our knowledge and skills are based on years of experience; we can help you select the perfect bicycle for your commute! 

Already own a bike? We can tune-up your Old Faithful, and show you some great bike-to-school accessories, too, like messenger bags, locks, racks, baskets, bells, helmets, and much more! Stop in to browse our selection and then you'll be ready for school!


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